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Our creatives helped raise $35M in 2017


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One stop video shop.


We get to really know you. Your service, your target audience, marketing plan, competition and especially what business goals are you after. Thorough research will provide a winning video.


According to our research, we create an original video concept and script to make sure your video hits where it matters when it matters. It’s all about the story you tell.


The right team is put together. Whether it’s a basic production or a “Titanic” remake - We can do it. Pre-production, filming, editing, post, effects and animation. All according to budget and needs.


Awesome. We’ve made you a fantastic video. Now what?
Our distribution partners will make sure your video gets to the EXACT audience you target. They analyze its performance too!

Take an Hour.
Understand Video.
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You can find our creatives at:

You ask, we answer.

Who are you guys?

Shoof is a Creators Collective. All Video Ninjas; Script Writers, Filmmakers, Video Marketing Experts. Each of our projects is matched with a tailor-made team to fit its exact needs. Oren Shraiber, Shoof's Founder and Creative Director, oversees all operations.

What type of videos do you make?

We take on both Live Action and Animation projects, script alone or the entire production. We mainly focus on product promo videos and commercials, locally and abroad. The house specialty is Tech related projects, corporate and start-ups alike.

How long does it take?

Depends on the service. A single script will take about two weeks to deliver. An entire production will take up to a month and a half. Urgent cases can take up to 3 weeks altogether.

What are the costs?

Oh come on, that's really hard to answer right now. Depends on so many variables like the project's type, specifications, our pipeline and so on and so forth. Contact us. We'll figure it out together.

Prices, available time frames, booking a kick-off meeting... Just punch in your info or call us at +972 54-534-6662 and we will be right with you. See ya.